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Adidas NMD Sale

Автор Muncy347, Мая 14, 2022, 13:43:54 PM

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Adidas NMD Sale

Pharrell Williams and adidas have been delivering compelling footwear together since 2014. Since then, their partnership has blossomed to include new silhouettes and projects that've extended beyond the collaboration's original scope. Case in point: the Adidas NMD Women "Running Dog" by ICECREAM.

Over five years ago, adidas Originals launched a brand new sneaker called the Adidas NMD Men. Little did they know that they unlocked an entire category of lifestyle footwear whose run went unrivaled in the casual sneaker market. From collaborations reaching the epic highs of Chanel to becoming highly accessible at nationwide chain retailers, the Adidas NMD Cheap became a household sneaker and buttressed a new level of exploration for Originals as they expanded the category beyond anything imaginable.

Since launching one of the best April 20th-related (4/20) sneakers of all-time earlier in the year, South Park and adidas have been immortalizing the citizens of a fictional, central Colorado town in sneaker form. Having already unveiled pairs inspired by Stan Marsh and Kyle Broflovski, the partnership has recently commemorated Kenny McCormick with an Adidas NMD Sale.